Suppressing Explosive Dust around LED Lights with Collectors

LED Lights with Collectors

Explosion proof LED lights in facilities filled with flammable dust must be properly cleaned to prevent accumulation of volatile particles. In order to reduce the frequency of such activities, businesses may deploy explosion proof dust collectors in the site.

These machines gather dust by introducing an air stream in the environment. Mechanisms used to collect dust include filters, separators, cartridges and more.

Explosion Proof Dust Collectors

Explosion proof dust collectors address dangerous work sites by isolating volatile particles in the air, so that they cannot interact with sparks and other sources of ignition. As dust enters the unit, clouds are scattered into the chamber. But inside the enclosure, the particles are trapped and have a tendency to accumulate around filters, corners and openings. To address this, the filter must be cleaned.

Alternatively, some explosion proof dust collectors come with an air-pulsing or filter-shaking feature that dislodges dust to reduce accumulation or the creation of combustible clouds. The type of filter utilized in the collector dictates its dust-suppressing properties. For example, operators can choose between a dry or wet filter, as well as a divided screen or a traditional bag. In hazardous locations, a HEPA filter is applicable.

LED Lights and Explosive Dust

The accumulation of volatile dust can cause issues for Explosion proof LED lights. When explosive dust gathers on the surface of the LED fixture’s housing, air flow to the unit is blocked. As a result, heat is trapped inside the luminary, causing temperatures to rise. At specific temperature thresholds, this type of accumulation may cause the LED lighting system to malfunction or prematurely fail.

In another scenario, blocked air flow due to the presence of explosive dust on the surface of the LED lamp can cause the temperature of the housing to increase. If left unaddressed, high surface temperatures could ignite flammable dusts.

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