Ronamag Lighting!

The Ronamag blog features the latest developments and exciting news surrounding commercial and industrial lights.

Industrial lighting systems are luminaries that are designed to withstand rough handling and extreme work environments. The units are specially engineered with heavy-duty materials, such as aluminum, steel and polycarbonate, in order to extend the lifespan and applications at the site. These features also help the lights withstand corrosion and direct contact, as well as prevent the creation of sparks (for units made out of non-sparking materials) in hazardous locations.

Illumination must be powerful, consistent and reliable at industrial and commercial work sites. Because of this, the products incorporate high-quality lighting technologies. LEDs are all-around units that are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. They can be installed in tight spaces, including cabinets, forklifts, over control panels and around heavy machinery. Metal halide lamps are suitable for intense lighting applications – usually outdoors or over large spaces that require wide-area illumination. Fluorescent luminaries are suitable for applications that require accurate color depiction. This includes paint spray booths, marine locations, control rooms and research facilities.

For hazardous locations and confined spaces, industrial lights can be explosion proof. Consisting of Class I, Class II or Class III ratings, the units are designed to contain deadly ignitions inside the units, to prevent external interactions with volatile elements from taking place, which can result in unwanted combustion.

Industrial and commercial luminaries range from high bay LEDs and metal halide light towers to explosion proof flashlights and corrosion resistant strobe lights. To ensure maximum compatibility during installations, the lights are matched with proper mounting features. To serve permanent, elevated or fixed configurations, standard wall, surface or bracket mounts are recommended. Portable variants may incorporate stands, carts or magnetic and hook mounts for hands-free operation.